January 26, 2020

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Statistics of the close and
not paying programs
Statistics of the lifetime and
payout ratio of the HYIPs

Statistics of the active programs
NameStatusPayout ratio
  Solid Trade Bank PAYING 774 %
  Cryptex Trade Ltd. PAYING 304 %
  Comex Trades Limited PAYING 606 %
  Uncharted Wealth PAYING 386 %
  Fine China PAYING 450 %
  DollarBill PAYING 381 %
  Funds Broker PAYING 315 %
  Best from the Bets PAYING 295 %
  UCTraders Limited PAYING 69 %
  The Billionaire Limited PAYING 198 %
  Lucrative Shares PAYING 189 %
  Btc Inv Groups PAYING 340 %
  ZetBull PAYING 74 %
  Luxio Profit Ltd PAYING 71 %
  Genesis Trade Fund PAYING 192 %
  Global Currency Trading Group PAYING 86 %
  Commercial Drones PAYING 67 %
  Nexus Trade PAYING 46 %
  Absolute Trend PAYING 40 %
  FxGloNet PAYING 64 %
  Bit Young PAYING 30 %
  Stable Crypto Capital Ltd PAYING 40 %
  Auction Today PAYING 34 %
  Rivat Investment PAYING 16 %
  Decentralized Limited PAYING 30 %
  Platinum Way Ltd PAYING 30 %
  Daancell Fund PAYING 12 %
  Bitcoin Wealth PAYING 6 %
  Keeper-Money Limited PAYING 6 %
  Demacia Investment PAYING 12 %
  Bnktothefuture Limited PAYING 12 %
  Restek Fund PAYING 1 %
  Coinscola Limited PROBLEM 0 %
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   DISCLAIMER: We do not promote any programs. The information is based on personal experience and statistics, we do not guarantee its accuracy. All HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose.

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